At the second Tiree Tech Wave four sheets of Magic Whiteboard (such lovely stuff!) were hung on the walls.  Three of the sheets were headed “I Make Because …”, “I Make With …”, and “I Make …”; the fourth was left blank.

The first three sheets were full by the end of TTW2:

i-make-beacuse-33  i-make-with-33

i-make-33  i-make-blank-33

 This is what they said …

I Make Because …

I find it relaxing, I enjoy problem solving

I find that working with my hands helps me solve problems

I’m good at it, it’s and output for creativity otherwise stifled by life

I need to! 🙂

I want to try something, test something or do something or think I can make it cheaper than I can buy it!

I want to provide others with tools that can be open and low cost so that they can experiment as I like to do. I think that also portability is an issue for ?make? So I try to make things and Tolstoy that we might bring with us

Sometimes to repair things, sometimes to make new items for gifts – but often just for the intrinsic pleasure of making.

I must

It’s challenging, funny, relaxing, fulfilling, saves money, uniqueness of objects/thing/ made,

I have to. – it’s my job, want to help people, sheer enjoyment, the process, enjoy community

It’s fun, fulfilling, can make me + others smile

In some ways it’s a way for me to learn, understand and connect to the world around me. ‘Doings’ is 1 way I try to work things out & it enables me  to inhabit the technologies I write about

I Make With ..

Wood, electrical things, foam, wire, pen & paper, various metals, model board

Anything that is cheap enough to risk ruining

Standard, off the shelf components and possibly flexible materials

All sorts, 🙂 old and new

A mixture of physical materials and electronic systems and components. Mixing of traditional materials (e.g. clay, glue, wood) and contemporary (e.g. sensors + actuators). Tools used include hand tools for cutting ga ass, forming clay and software design + manufacturing tools.

Pen + paper, ideas and frameworks, code and data, sold boards + wires

body, space, context, found objects, conversation, dreams, text, software, yoga, computer, digital objects, sound, video, type, photos, language

Different tools/materials base don the idea/problem at hand, positivity and the rest is biology

thoughts, conversations, data, yarn, food, wax, thread, computers, paper, words, seeds, soil, paint, pencils

What I have around me, with relations & things & stuff. I also make with bits of other things such as a borrowed line of code or a found photo or story someone tells me

I Make …

Kitchens, playhouses, treasure chests, electric puzzles, lighting circuits, furniture, prototypes

Prototypes, models, textile based products & sometimes cake!

Prototypes, proof of concepts, meta-modelling to frame product design, experimental cuisine mixing recipes from different countries

Ceramic + glass craft objects. Digitally augmented physical objects (things that tweet) + prototyping / small batchmaking of products such as wifi internet radio

networks, improbable forms, disfunction, abstractness

Furniture, software, art, models, people happy, children 🙂

candles, clothes, code, cake, conclusions, concepts (also websites, stories, poetry, gardens, paintings)

installations, objects, websites, dance, theatre, poetry, creative writing, academic papers, models, theories, concepts, photos, ritual, short movies, logos, circuits, food, workshops

Talk & chat, things that work differently than they should, distance, poetic and aesthetic things, ?symerar? Which I can set rolling and let meaning emerge. I also make codes & instructions, structures, recipes and interventions

whatever I need or like! 🙂

blank sheet

I like the Tiree Tech Wave: the rural location facilitates both group and individual interactions. In a nutshell Tiree Tech Wave is the event to experience the excitement of artists’ circles, the creativity of designing workshops, and the tradition of informal scientific gatherings








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