The Eighteenth Tiree Tech Wave  3–7 October 2019.

The Tech Wave returns to Tiree, a little earlier in the season than previous Tech Waves … maybe an Indian summer?

Alan is no longer on the island 🙁 however Duck_Roulette, acted as local host to us all.

Here is the short article about the event in An Tirisdeach, the island news.

Tiree Tech Wave 18 opened on the 3rd of October. The event was one of the island’s smaller Tech Waves with an attendance of around ten individuals, including Alan and Fiona Dix, Rachel Gwilym, Sapphire, Magenta and Harmony Arklass, Gerald McGoogan and Rou Worsley.

It was enjoyed by all that attended, including visitors Loraine Clarke [1], Diane Duffy [2], and Jens Ewald [1] who took the opportunity of sunshine to explore the island and visit the beaches.

Jens brought equipment from the lab for all to experiment and play with, including a 3D printer that the younger tech wavers enjoyed and a vinyl cutter that Rou became very heavily involved with.

As always, the Cobbled Cow provided wonderful lunches to the attendees, including their filling carvery on the Sunday and the widely anticipated Tech Wave tradition of an all-day breakfast on the Monday.

Many thanks to the Rural Centre for hosting the Tech Wave again, as well as the Cobbled Cow and the Scarinish Hotel for providing lunch.

[1] Dundee University,  School of Art and Design
[2] University of Strathclyde, Computer and Information Sciences

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