What’s that Beastie?

british-science-weeka British Science Week event

Saturday 11th March, 2-4pm
Tiree Rural Centre

Find a beastie on the beach and not sure what it is? Come and learn how to use iSpot (http://www.ispotnature.org/) , an online wildlife identification site that lets you share your photos and have a world of experts tell you what you’ve found. You can also see what other people have found on Tiree, and try some quizzes to see how much of a nature detective you are. If you’re an expert, you can join in and help other people by telling them what they’ve found.

Mark Gaved from The Open University will be coming to show you how to use iSpot, and we’ll go out on Saturday to see what we can find near the Rural Centre. Mark will help you get started and be on hand to help. You can bring your own internet-enabled phone or tablet, and we’ll have some you can borrow for the activity”

If you have time before Saturday register on the iSpot website.



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