“Let’s mend life’s discarded fragments, used, loved and beautiful. Let’s give our things new lives and our lives new actions.”

Join Jonnet Middleton for a lunchtime talk and hands-on workshop: mending, making, reusing refashioning.

Jonnet is an art activist and darner.  With a background in prison arts education, Spanish TV presenting and fashion design, she is now doing a PhD at Highwire, Lancaster University looking at the future of mending.

Jonnet’s community-focused projects include flying 100s of knitted pandas to China and attempting a world record in mass sock darning.

Futuremenders is the lifelong project of UK artist Jonnet Middleton who took a pledge in 2008 to acquire no more clothes, ever.


Held as part of Tiree Tech Wave

Joint event with Tiree Tapestry Group and Rags to Riches

Sponsored by Tiree Community Development Trust Windfall Fund




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